Genre: Rock/Reggae

Mallyob or Bob as he likes to be known is a great engineer
and producer and has worked with some of the biggest names
in the business. We are working on a long term project
and this is one of the tracks from it.
This is a rough cut of Bob's music and my lyrics.


Aint nobody gonna tell me
What I'm doing isn't right
No mother's gonna say to me
How to live my life

You're a long gone woman
Your love's long gone from me
You're a long gone woman
Now go and set me free
Long gone woman
I tried my best for you
Long gone woman
Never wanted me that's true

Everybody tried to tell me
You like playing with the boys
I didn't want to listen
Didn't listen to that noise

You're a long gone woman
What you did to me was cruel
You're a long gone woman
And you took me for a fool
Long gone woman
Pack your bags get gone
Long gone woman
Don't even want you in this song

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